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Liberty Or Death: Which Part Twenty

What does it mean to be a true follower of Jesus?

What is following in Jesus’ footsteps to God?

The story of the ten virgins tells us  just how God meant His words to be understood.

Matthew tells us first of all that all these young ladies were waiting for their lord to come. that means that they all upheld the bible as God’s word.

in other wards they were all Christians waiting on the return of Jesus.

there were ten that went out to meet the bridegroom but only five were ready at His actual appearance. So  what is it that made five Christians not ready for their Saviors return? We must turn to the scriptures for the answer.

there are two verses that shed light as to what is happening. The first is well known.

though many even non Christians know this verse they do not adhere to it. To them it is a meaningless piece of writing. And all too often we Christians seem to agree with them.

But for those truly seeking to be one of the wise virgins there is a second not so well known verse we must place in our hearts.

Contemplate seriously these words. Jesus Himself has given us His law, Character, to guide us and teach us as we walk along the pathway

that leads to salvation.

But before you just reject the Ten Commandments as only Old Testament consider wisely this.

Examine God’s word and His law ever so carefully. It is the difference between life and death for all followers of Christ.

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