A world full of fools · Choose life or choose death · End Time Events · False gods · False ideas · Judgment coming · making bible a part of your life · Man takes God's place · Man's way of thinking · Man's work · Not making the bible your guide · Obeying man not God · Signs of the End · Sin's seperation · Thinking you know more than God

Liberty Or Death: Which Part 24: Making a Nation of Fools


Who is the real fool? Is it the Christians who look upon this as a sin?

Or is it the nation that is

But you say: Just how is it that our country is mocking God?

This is the beginning of the answer. Our age of information should rather be called the age of misinformation.

Our nation was at one time a nation under God but now, now as a nation we are choosing to say

Worldly education has so over taken us that

we profess ourselves too wise to believe in such foolishness as bible fables.

Yet in all our wisdom we turn to gods made from our own hands. If this is not a mockery of God then what is? Your not needed God so as far as were concerned you are dead. But we do need to place someone or something above us therefore we are setting up and calling gods what we are willing to accept.

Also we are going to reprint the book you claim is yours and even though you are dead we are going to change what you teach on sex and promiscuity and say that you have been promoting this life style as not a choice but as one that you have made and call just and right.

Man has gone so deep into godless way of thinking that they are starting to repeat the mistakes of the past. Placing a mere man in the place of God and worshiping him is a mockery that will bring Judgment down from God.

Warnings of those judgments are already here. Will we listen or will we choose to

try to sweep them under the rug?

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