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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 26: We Love Not the Truth

God’s word the bible is clear and precise on many points. If we do not understand it’s pages all too often it is because we love not the truth it holds out for us to obey.

 Whenever we do not place our highest value on God’s word, the bible, it’s truths soon cease to be truth in our eyes. But as we love biblical truths more and more obeying them ceases to be a burden on us.

When we love not the truth we are forever unable to find the power we need to live in God’s light. However as we accept bible truth for what it truly is, God’s will for us to live out, we will understand God’s power in our lives that makes it so we can do what we in ourselves are unable to do.

We have a choice to make. Either we can choose not to love bible truth calling it too hard and impossible to do. Or we can choose to love and obey God’s word knowing it is given us out of a heart of love. If ours is the first choice then we will never receive the needed power to be obedient Christians. That power only comes to us as we make the conscious choice to let God help us to obey His commandments.

Thy word is my lamp

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