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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 27: Christians Becoming Jesus’ Enemy

How does someone who is seeking to love Jesus and be his disciple become Jesus’ enemy?

The bible has this to say  to Jesus’ faithful followers.

Jesus says as part and parcel of His word

thus if we loved Jesus our Savior would we not be doers of what He ask us to do?

And since Jesus Himself ask us to keep these Ten Commandments should we not be doing as He ask? Are we not by our refusal to keep what He has asked us to keep becoming Jesus’ enemy rather than His friend?

Jesus says take a good hard look into My word. It is within those words that you will find both the way that when followed brings life everlasting; and the way that if you persist in following will make you my enemy.

You may want to cross over into life eternal but desire alone gets you nowhere.

If you continue making war on My thus saith the Lord as you are now doing instead of becoming My faithful follower you will make yourself out to be My enemy.

Read My book. Do you honestly dare assume that I speak words that mean nothing? Do you dare challenge Me by saying you know better than I? Who is the creator of this universe, Me or you?

Teach meThy ways

How little understanding to you truly have? You think you know so much about life and what actually make things tick. Do you not realize that what you know is not even a drop in a 100 gallon bucket.

If only you truly loved me then you would fear My wisdom and the foolishness of your heart would melt away and you would listen to Me and keep My commandments.

God's law is built on the foundation of love

Then you would no longer be My enemy but My brother or sister.

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