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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 28: Is Your Faith Bigger Than Your Fear

Do we believe Jesus was a real Person? And if we do, do we from a truthful heart have the faith needed to trust that He was truly the Son of God? Even if the answer to these questions is yes is our faith bigger than our fear?

Our fellowman is more than willing to throw out all it can to get us to turn away from the truths in God’s Holly Book. High paying jobs. Good looking people that are just a little pit on the wild side. loads of good food to be enjoyed. Keeping up with the Joneses they place as upmost important if they are not to look down upon you.

Trouble arrives at our house however once we listen to them and accept their views as good council. Man’s way is never God’s way yet even though we know this as fact it is so much easier to do that because our faith is not bigger than our fears.

But when truth is not lived out in the Christian’s life they only become hypocrites.

discipleship is not coming to the cross then adding a little pit of this and that as ones own mind wants to and out pops a faithful Christian. A follower of Jesus is one who through faith overcomes their fear and all during their life time learns to obey every thus saith the Lord as it comes along.

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