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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 29: The good fight

Our God at the creation of this our order of beings while not making us equal with the angels did give us rulership of this earth. However man’s sin has separated us from Jesus’ wisdom therefore we do not and cannot properly fight the good fight and do what this world needs to function in a way that truly benefits this earth and all life that is dependent upon it.

No matter what devices we build to benefit our lives they all just seem to work toward our destruction as well as that of the animals and even the earth itself.

The same seems to hold true when it comes to our walk with our Lord.

We all start the race on equal footing. We accept Jesus as our savior, but as we move along the pathway we see signs like this.

Because of signs such as these placed all along the pathway many innocently get diverted or side tracked to a different path.

These veer offs usually run along side the true path giving the false impression that one is on the pathway to heaven still.   the difference being is that one is left running the race in their own strength, not in Jesus’ strength.

and while doing the race without being in the hands of God all our supper human might cannot help us to win the good fight.

God does not care nor does He take delight in the way you run the race if it is your own strength. God cares about whom you place you trust in. Whether you place faith in Him or in yourself makes a major difference in His eyes whether or not you will win your race.

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