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Liberty Or Death: Which Part: Pressing for the Mark of being Rescued

Are you still in darkness, unable to comprehend the scriptures? Are you struggling through your walk with Jesus? Do not give up. Instead let the Holy Spirit into your heart to be the controller of your whole life. Once He controls your life and you listen  to His leadings following as He Bids He carries you unto the mark and up out of the miry clay.

Loving Jesus and His Heavenly Father enough to follow in obedience is the key.

Whom to you love more? Jesus who expects sin to be left behind or Satan who offers all kinds of alluring pleasures?

Are you pressing for the mark of being rescued? Remember only those who let Jesus take full control will in the end be forgiven. You are forgiven all along the pathway but in the end if you do not follow all the way then in the end you will lose out and not reach the mark.

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