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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 32: The life of Christ in us

As Christians we all need to live, breath, and act as Jesus did. In other wards  the life that Jesus lived and still lives should be the life that is within us.

Part of letting the mind of Jesus take over our lives is to let His attitude be placed within our every fiber. this is the only way that the Life of Christ  is going to be in us.

We are to put into captivity every thought, every word, and every action of our lives and place the in the hands of Jesus.

We are ever to be asking ourselves what would Jesus be found doing if He were here among us? Would Jesus be found going about filling His life full of the pleasures of this world?

True He most likely would be found among them but what would He be found doing.

Jesus was often to be found among sinners but, He was never found doing their sins. Rather He was to be found trying to turn them away from those sins and to obey the Ten Commandments as He did. Only as we reach this point will the life that was in Christ be in us.

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