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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 34 A Raid on God’s Chicken Coop

God’s family are we partly Responsible.

It is not a far fetched possibility that Christians themselves are the ones making this raid.

Perhaps some folk want to be God’s child without having to change a thing in their life.

Jesus is standing in the wings waiting upon us to turn to Him and let Him do His part to purify us and rid us of our sins.

But all too often we seek a cheap grace. A salvation at no cost to us.

But we need to count the true cost of our salvation. We must no more allow anyone to raid our chicken coop, not even our deceitful hearts.

Yes we are saved by grace but only as we take hold of that grace with a healthy dose of faith.

That dose of faith doesn’t mean that we sit back on our laurels figuring Jesus is to do everything while we have no part to play in our salvation at all. If we look upon it in this manner we are allowing our chicken coop of salvation to be raided.

God’s word is His chicken coop. It is a means where by His people might be protected from the enemy and have room to safely grow. When we allow the foxes to enter in and raid that coop; when we even help those foxes in their raid.

We also destroy Jesus’ ability to make us pure and holy. Thus when He comes how will we recognize Him for what He is for we will be near His image.

Taking on the Righteousness of Jesus is taking upon us His image. When we allow God’s chicken coop to be raided by anyone, even ourselves, we change Christ’ image into our image thus when Jesus returns, and He will, we will not recognize Him as our God and He will not recognize us as His child.

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