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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 36: Idolatry

What is it all about? I mean fully not just outwardly.

We all look at this as what this verse is talking about

and we say I do not worship idols such as these.

However I must sadly ask: is idol worship within the Christian church? We would like to give a no as answer to that question however,

What is this? Mary the earthly mother of Jesus though a Mere human is placed by many as a god above Jesus. They worship her, pray to her, and even call her the savior. I this not idolatry?

Is this the way God’s redeemed should be living? Breaking one of the very commandments that Jesus Himself ask us to keep?

Idolatry in our lives is a clear cut failure to obey the God that we claim to be following.

This makes us sinners and sin separates us from the living God.



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