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Liberty Or Death: Which part 36 In the likeness of God or man

God says that we are not to worship anything or anyone except Him. The reason is He says is that He is the creator while we are the created.

While God tells us that we were created as a pure image of Him

man has gone about creating God in their own image.

Man goes about this in many ways.

One of the most major ones that even many Christians are falling for is this.

Between God using evolution to crate us, changing the identity Of God, Man making a god only because they were superstitious, and mankind being in sin claiming that they are sinful only because God made them that way idols have been set up at every turn. Some even go so far as to replace God with aliens.

The facts however are still the facts. When asked are we in the likeness of God or man the honest person must answer that by saying

and as such we can never accept any of these arguments less we be found worshiping an idol.



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