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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 38: law of cause and effect

There is a law that while it is not part of the moral law plays a role in everything we say and do. It is

This is something of how the law of cause and effect works. If when we become Christians we continue to walk in the world

as long as you do this in the eyes of the world and of God you became a

And how did it come about that you went from being a born again Christian to being a hypocrite?

The cause is that you tried to serve two masters at the same time.

But not walking in the light while you still recognized the light caused the light not to look as light to you. Therefore the light of the world shined down upon you brighter than the light that the bible offered.

God’s authority soon became no authority at all.

What you feel in your heart takes over and replaces God’s word in your life.

The worship of God will then be the cause and obedience to your savior will cause one to know the Father, the effect. Cause to effect plays itself out for either good or for bad.

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