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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 39: The Need to practice what we preach

Many Christians today are fooling nobody but themselves. God knows all hearts therefore it impossible to fool Him. As far as non Christians are concerned

and as they look upon us the words that we speak are not backed up by our actions. We claim to believe

and it says

Thus they look engagingly upon us to see if we practice what we preach. What they see is a bunch of liars. You say that you do not have any idols that you worship but your hand bags are so full of them that it is a wonder you make it to church.

Sex is an idol you hold so dear that your divorce rate because of infidelity is no different ours.

Eastern Mysticism  is abounding in your churches. With it comes all kinds of god other than the Jesus you claim to serve. When you make your Jesus no different than any other god why should I pay any attention to you?  You are no better off than I am and I am no worst off than you.

then there’s all the entertainers that you make into gods. o you troll over. You help make them so rich and let them tell things like who to vote for and who should be church members even when your bible says that they shouldn’t be.

Brothers and sisters we need to take a closer look at ourselves. It seems to be that the only ones we are fooling is ourselves. And until we reach the point where the image of Jesus is in us we will never be able to practice what we preach.

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