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Liberty Or Death: which Part 40: Listen for the Trumpet

Listen for the Trumpet!

trouble is heading our way.

Listen for the Trumpet!

Trouble for the Christian is more than here already.

Listen for the Trumpet.

Major trouble here and now for us. We are all of a carnal, fleshly, nature. this carnal nature will never be able to enter heavenly places. O what are we to do?

Listen for the Trumpet!

We need to today put off our sinful fleshly bodies and put on a new spiritual minded bodies. But just how do we do that?

Listen for the Trumpet!

Jesus is Lord over all creation. He is the perfect image of God the Father. Since He is supreme over all He is able to do what needs to be done if we let Him. Just how He does it

Listen to the Trumpet!

Jesus who was without sin died the second and permanent death in our place. But that is not all.

Listen for the Trumpet!

He was buried in the tomb where He stayed so it could be shown to all that though our bodies may decay into dust we may still be resurrected in Him.

Listen for the Trumpet!

the good news is that He was not left to rot in the grave.

He rose as the first fruit and we will follow.

Listen for the Trumpet!

Thus we seek to live in Christ. For that to happen we have to die to our own will.


Listen for the Trumpet!

Jesus is coming to take you home soon, sooner that you think therefore remember

lady trouble, the Antichrist, is seeking to turn you away from following the bible and get you to do it man’s way. So always

Listen for the Trumpet!

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