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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 41 Child See Child Do Child Does the Same as You

Are you ever jealous? What would you do if you had the power to carry out your threats? What do you believe God to be saying here? Do you think God is a tyrant when He says things like this? Let us complete the thought.

So now what do you think God is saying?

Remember sin binds people into slavery. Did you realize that the sins of the parents bind their children into slavery? Bondage comes in many forms. Most of them we do not consider as being subjected at all.

Like it or not God says that we are the example for our children to follow. We are all familiar with this saying:  monkey see monkey do monkey does the same as you. Children look to their parents for guidance as to the way they should live their live. they love copying the things that their Mother and Father do. thus while these pictures may look so innocent and they are at least on the outside. Deeper within they point out to us what God through the second commandment has been trying to teach us all these years. The way we live affects the way our children live for the good or for the bad.

Imagine if you can what constant fighting in the home does to a child. How divorce and along with it the lost of one or both parents  messes up the minds of the children involved. I do not have to imagine it. I am a product of a divorced home. And at 71 my mind still hurts when it goes back to those days. I had no one to teach me right from wrong. I felt sad and dejected and was above all easily hurt. Still today when my family acts in a way seems to me that they are taking me wrong those very same feelings raise their ugly heads. I beginning to see through my children and my wife just what the second commandment is saying.

I thank God that

He has forgiven me for living in a way that I have affected my family in such a way and He will forgive you too, if you let Him. The love of Jesus will never wax cold when it comes to saving His creation.

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