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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 42 Growing in Grace

Growing in grace is not just good feelings that one gets as they sing songs of praise.

It is not just the emotion you receive when you listen to a barn storming preacher. while you will have feelings playing a role in your walk with Jesus, if just left to feelings alone you could be and will be led down the wrong path.

Neither is growing in grace becoming a mystic or accepting new age notions as if they are biblical teachings. God is not a mystic and those who deal in any kind of new age which is in reality old age are condemned in the bible.

Thus growing in grace is not dealing with mystics , astrologers, and such.

Growing in grace is studying the bible everyday learning what God is like, how much He loves you, what His love for you has cost Him, and what He expects you to do. Then with all this goes obedience to what He ask.

Growing in grace is not emptying your mind of everything then letting some strange voice to enter and tell what to do and what to believe. growing in grace is meditating fully on God’s book the bible, taking it’s words into your life and obeying them.

Growing in grace includes the keeping of the second commandment.

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