Liberty Or Death: Which Part 45 Be careful not to add to or take away from God’s law

God has ask His followers to teach their offspring all His commands. It is part of our responsibility to make sure what we school them in is the correct bible teachings that God wants taught. We need to be careful not to add or not to take away from God’s law.

We must be following Jesus and His word; not our opinion of what God’s word is. This demands that we keep that as Christians we must keep all ten of the commandments without any changes in them.

This seems however, so hard for us to do. We like the Jews have our traditions we insist on following. In our traditions we keep Sunday as God’s day of rest.

The bible tells us however,

The fourth commandment says

But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God_(1)

Are we not being just like the Jews in Christ day were, placing the word of tradition above the word of God? Ah you say; Jesus did not literally mean that we are to keep that day above any other day. He just means for us not to forget to worship Him.

People have a deep seeded need to feel that they are right with God even though they have kept their carnal natures. God can not truly expect us to give up entirely that way we think and act thus making ourselves so different from the world. What they take note of is that there are an awful lot of good people in the world. Many of them are just as good or better than those in the church. Thus they reason that these good people as well as themselves cannot be all that wrong. thus God has to be accepting of what they are doing.

God has to mean other than what these words are saying. it is thus they twist these words into talking about the Sabbath Commandment rather than the ceremonial sabbaths.

do not we Christians understand that we are now choosing between God’s and man’s way?

How dare we assume such great heights  that we are the deciders of what we do and not God.  do we have any glue of what we are doing? Cannot we grasp how we are making the creator the servant and the creation the master? What right do we the creation have to tell God the creator what he means when He ask us to do something?

O Christian do you not comprehend that if Jesus is to be able to cure our sin problem we must obey His voice the way He says it, not the way we feel that He meant it to be?

We must ever be careful never to add or take away from God’s law.

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