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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 46 Taking the Name of God in Vain

The third commandment definitely shows the world as well God Himself just how strong of love we are willing to assign to our Creator. the problem lies in the fact that we just do not seem to understand just what taking the name of God in vain implies .

Another way of putting this verse is this.

In vain implies using it in a useless or needless manner. The misuse of God’s name implies the mistreatment of, or the mishandling of, the abusing of the name, or to be used in a wrong manner. There are many ways we who call ourselves by the name of God abuse that name and take upon us that name in vain.

One is by the abuse of mankind.

Sex is just one way that we abuse our fellowman. There is mental abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse, slavery, and many others. there is even


Non of us have come into the full light of the knowledge of the Living God as of yet. Thus to force people into accepting your church as the one true church and to make it so that all the world must believe what you teach and only what you teach is an abuse handed down be the church. It is taking the name of God in vain.

Now that does not rule out witnessing for your Lord and Savior. Matter of fact a failure on our part to do so is another form of taking God’s name in vain. It is an abuse of His name for us to presume that God’s mercies are only for us and that those worldly sinners deserve what they get. For us to do this is an abuse of the name of the one who died so that the world by Him might be saved.

Using God’s name to cuss out people or simply to express surprise as to how good something looks or how bad things went is not just the only way that we take God’s name in vain. It seems to be the first one we think of. And since it is the world and back sliding Christians that abuse God’s name in this manner we feel safe and comfortable that our walk of faith is correct. However we also need to take a good look at our tongues and our actions lest in the judgment we be found wanting.

Christians must never be found either by God or by men taking the name of God in vain.

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