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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 47 I am at Liberty to say about God anything I Please

Many people believe that they are at liberty to say about God anything they please.

They need to remember

Jesus holds our very life and breath in His Hands. Why on earth would wen be so careless and assuming in the way we treat the Creator? Would we treat our boss who can cause us to lose our job in such a manner? We can move from job to job but there is no way we can move from planet to planet.


We can be as flippant as we want to be about the way we choose to use God’s name. the end results however we might not like.

this seems to us as so light a matter. Why we say should God treat such an insignificant  matter in such a harsh manner?


when we give to God only a part of our life the rest is taken over by the bugs of sin and rebellion.

We should be always in remembrance that it is in Jesus

Also let us keep in mind that

allow this belief that I am at liberty to say about God anything I please to enter heaven.

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