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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 48 Give due tribute to Jesus

We need to be giving due tribute to Jesus our creator. His grandeur is so far above ours, His wisdom, and His Knowledge that we next to Him are as amoebas without any host.

This should cause all of us to say whole heartedly

Jesus endures for all eternity. Without Him we would not even be a passing nano of a second.

Jesus is also the reason that we are saved. Is He not then worthy of our having no other gods before Him?

Jesus has given us the Ten Commandments for our own best welfare. Does it not make sense that out of gratitude and love we should with Jesus’ help seek to always keep them.

Jesus is a God of law and order, however He is a God that gives us the grace needed  to overcome our wicked ways.

Will we not be a people who will come to Him and partake of that grace?

Will we give due tribute to Jesus our King?


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