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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 49 Jesus is Faithful in all that He Does

God’s words are true and He will be faithful to carry them out. You can ask the people who lived before the flood. Then there is Lot and Joseph. They will gladly throw in their two cents. There are people from all the ages that could attest to the fact that Jesus is faithful in all that He does.

Sodom and Gomorrah stand no more as a testament to the faithfulness of Jesus.  Jesus stated to the Jews of His time that if they persisted in rejecting Him for their traditions He would reject their nation in favor of the Gentiles. This history proves to be true.

History is pleat jam-packed full of events that show Jesus to be faithful in His dealings with mankind. All mankind  should stand in awe refusing to turn their backs on the commandment that says that they should not be worshiping other gods.

But neither does it harm God. Yet we Christians do just that every day. Everyday that we think that the Ten Commandments can be safely put aside for our traditions we are hurting our Maker. Jesus’ promise to us today is that if we persist on replacing His words for the traditions of the Beast then when He returns

We must always remember that Jesus is faithful in all that He does. This in turn should cause us to be faithful in our obedience to His words.

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