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Receive The Peace that Is In Jesus Part 1

Peace on earth; while we strive for it unless we make Jesus our king it will never happen. Man’s peace if that is what you are looking for will only be yours as long as you do this their way, until another nation  forces themselves upon you, or if you are lucky till you die.

God’s peace as in man’s comes with strings. However, has the strength to take God’s kingdom away from him therefore it is an everlasting peace. And upon death you just wait in the grave till Jesus takes you home and then his peace is for eternity.

Thus Jesus in knocking on the door of your life he says I will give you my peace.

It will not be peace as man thinks of peace. It will be the kind of peace that I live out in my life.

Therefore he says be not troubled. Give control of your life over to me and be not fearful of when and where I might lead you. I am with you wherever I send you or in whatever I ask you to do. Relax for I know all your kneed and will help you in taking care of them. Just remain calm and in your stillness my strength will carry you through.

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