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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 50 Hold out God’s law

When it comes to Jesus and the law many a good Christian are of this vain. I do not want to see no evil nor do I want to hear any evil. They even add I do not want to speak evil either.

They act and speak as if the law which Jesus made and which contains the two greatest principles  that this world has to offer, love for God and love for man, is something evil and devilish, and all who hold out God’s law with honor are worthy of only one thing, death.

On the other hand we need to take careful consideration of the facts.

Judgment day is here, upon us now. Do we hold out God’s law to be honored and kept or are they just a group of needless senseless laws not meant to be kept.

Whatever answer we come up with remember its judgment time we are either going to have the seal of God in our foreheads or the mark of the Beast in our hands or in our foreheads.

one of the decisions we can make is to pay no attention to the laws of Jesus thus taking a chance that we are not really obeying His voice.

the other is to hold out God’s law and keep them like He ask us to do.

Whether or not we choose to hold out God’s law seems to be a matter of life and death.

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