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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 51 Jesus Christ is Lord and Lord of lords

At the feet of Jesus our exalted Savior every knee will sooner or later bow. Nonetheless we are privileged to be able to choose whether or not our bending the knee will bring us life or it is only finally to admit God to be just in our death sentence.

When we bend our knees in recognition that Jesus Christ is Lord and Lord of lords  we set apart o develop characters that will be like His. The reason Jesus, at creation, gave us the present of His Ten Commandments is that they are representations of His character.

Our God is such an enormous God and for Him to allow us to build characters like his! Ah how precious a God He is.

Yeas Jesus Christ is Lord and Lord of lords. Let us forever draw near to Him bending our knee to Him letting  His work in us helping us to turn our backs on sin, from doing our own thing thus replacing our sin filled lives with His sin free character be done.

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