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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 52

In this world there are very few people even among those in the pagan lands  that know nothing about the God that Christians confess to be the one Living God. But knowing that He exist and knowing Him who exist has two different out comes in ones life.

To personally be acquainted with  Him who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and to be familiar in ones life with the wisdom and the knowledge He is seeking to impart makes the difference between Life and death.


We need to be faithful watchmen, studying the scriptures making them apart of our lives. As we read a thus saith Lord do this our love for Jesus and our faithfulness to follow His will must be carried out in our lives explicitly.

We should now begin to better hear God repeating to us

Can you hear what I am saying to you yet?

They are My character that I am handing down to you My people.

Think of it this way My people. After a police officer let you off with just a warning would you then figure that since he handed you a plate full of grace that since you were under the grace of that cop you could right there in front of his  very eyes take off at 90 miles an hour?

Would you run around telling others that you were under his grace therefore you were free to drive at any rate of speed that came into your mind? Would you say that because of the grace that he gave you, you were free to go on living a reckless lifestyle and that he would never ever stop you and write you a ticket?

No you would know that while you were under his grace you needed to ever more diligent to follow the law that he is out there to defend.

So it is with Me. You are under My grace. I have not given it to you so as you might live a willy-nilly lifestyle. My grace is to help you to grow into a person that will fit you to live a sin-free heavenly life; not a Satan filled life. I do expect you to change once you have given your life over to My control.

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