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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 53 Jesus is the one and only, He can do it all

Here is a picture of what all mankind deserves. I understand that many of us do not see what we have done to deserve such a harsh punishment however, if we were to be honest hearted enough just then maybe we could get a more accurate image of what we started as and  what we have become.


We would then be better able to see and accept that we needed a savior to keep us from the results of our life ending in this.

However we must first answer this one important question. Are we at all able to make atonement  for our rebellious characters never mine the whole worlds rebellion. I can see me dying on the cross or in some other way. However I cannot see it making any even minor difference. It is not in any power that I may process to change someone’s life enough that they would then be worthy of entering heaven.

No you or I cannot atone for our own sins never mind anyone else’s.

Jesus Christ being the Son of the Living God and God equal With His Father is the only one in the entire universe that is capable of atoning for all mankind.

It is not a matter of us becoming better people by our evolving. If there is any evolving taking place its going the wrong way.

No there is no other in this entire universe to be found that can take away our sins and put in our lives a new sin-free spirit that is capable of leading us straight into heaven.

Jesus is the one and only, He can do it all.

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