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Receive The Peace That Is In Jesus Part 3 My Dear Children

We seem to be shouting out God where are you? God I can barely see you in your creation or hear you in everything that is going on about me. I sure do not see your presence in me or my fellow human beings. Oh God do you really exist?

But God our heavenly Father just looks down upon us and says: my dear children you should know that I am living and not dead. You really should. Did not I love you enough to give you my only son Jesus?

Did not Jesus who is God the Son love you enough to give his all for you, even to the point where he died on the cross for you?

My dear children I want to take care of all your needs, to give you comfort, as well as give you peace.

I am all you will ever need. Yet you seem to keep saying to me who are you?

Will you ever come to the point where you realize that you need me to guide your every foot step? Every child of creation needs me.

But my dear children  will you ever reach the point where you not only accept me as your Lord but also as your Master? Do not you oh my children understand that I can only save you by grace through Jesus my son?

Oh my children unless you humble yourselves and give your entire heart over to him for him to command,

unless you then leave the world and all that in it glitters behind and follow me I can not save you. Nor will I be able to give you my peace.

But what do you do? You make me into this strange alien that can never be reached nor touched. Oh how can I do anything for you this way?

My dear children if you want me to save you and to give you peace then you must first humble yourselves. Second you must give your heart’s control over to me and let me sit in the driver’s seat; as well as let me do the driving. That means no back seat drivers my children. And thirdly you must leave this world and its goods behind and follow me.

Oh will you not my children choose my way over yours so that you might receive my peace and my salvation?

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