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The Justifier: Satan’s doom assured

Lucifer started a war against the Godhead while he was yet in heaven. ten coming to this earth he switched from being the son the son of the light bearer where his job was to spread the light of truth to all that God sent to, to being the father of lies.

Thus Lucifer became Satan and as Satan became responsible for our entire race going to but one place, that place being very hot.

If we at all to avoid going to the final fire that is so blistering hot that it burns up not only your skin but your clothes, your skin, the inner portions of your body and your bones.

We all need justification if we are to avoid this unhappy ending. But just who is the Justifier? will assure us of Satan’s, enemy number one, doom?

“Good News.” The Justifier has already come, Satan’s doom is already assured.

Jesus has accomplished what is needed for us to be justified.

All we need to do is give our lives over to Him and obey His voice. If we obey him not we will never avoid that fire.

Think: if Abraham only believed God but never obeyed Him He would have died in Ur of the Chaldeans would he have not? His children would then not have been Jews but Babylonians instead.

How different history would be if Abram had not made Jesus the Justifier.

Also would Satan’s doom have come to completion in his life?  We may believe the words of Jesus but if we obey Him not will Jesus be able to be our justifier and will He be able to assure us that Satan’s doom will be completed once and for all in our life?

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