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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 54 The Great I Am

Jesus was there before creation started, He is the Creator of all that was ever created, and when all that goes on now in this world of rebellion is brought to its end Jesus will still be at the head of all created things.

That means that way back in the ebbs of time Jesus was there as God and God, John 1: 1-3.

That is why when Moses asked Jesus whom shall I say is sending me Jesus responded by saying I the great Creator am sending you. I your creator am sending you. Tell them that the Great I Am has sent you to them.

Make sure that they understand very well that I am the Everlasting God, the one who has no beginning and no ending.

Thus when Yeshua, Jesus, came to be our they and sought Him so as they might bring about His death He responded by saying I am he. Jesus was telling them that He was The Great I Am and this brought them to the ground.  Jesus was letting them know that all they were doing as well as all they could do to Him could be of no avail. He had willingly come to lay down His life as a sacrifice for our sins and thus as The Great I Am He was willing going with them so that purpose could be fulfilled.

Yes Jesus is The Great I Am and the way we relate to Him, like the Jews of old, makes no difference. We may seek like the Jews to make Him a mere man. We might like to think that He never existed. But we can either now choose to bend our knees in love and worship to Him or in the Judgment which is now upon us, the door is may even be starting to open now, we will bend our knees judged as sinners worthy of the fire that will plot us out of existence.

The Great I Am has now come to you and to me. What will we do? We can choose either to be around with Him as the saved and redeemed or we can choose to reject Him and be counted as part of those who are lost and in the second death to exist no more.

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