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Receive The Peace That Is In Jesus Part 6 Faith and Acceptance Then Peace

The colors of happiness are faith and acceptance then peace.

Imagine if you please having the kind of peace that stays with you even among war, strife, an d turmoil all within your own personal life never mind with what’s taking place all about you.

There is peace but then there is peace of life, peace of soul, and a peace that calms the heart. I mean the peace that never leaves you and helps you to accept going down a path not of your own choosing.

The power that lies in faith helps when you use it to bring one to that point. Faith is an inexhaustible  color of life that keeps one heading down a path that while he or she believes to be correct all else says that it is wrong. Now it is possible to place faith in the wrong things. A good example of this is when one is going down the road at 90 miles an hour thinking that he is well on his way to California from New York. Up ahead  a 1000 yards or so lies a deep cliff  which upon reaching leads to one’s death.  That person may believe that he or she is going to California where they will live the good life but in reality they are heading toward certain death.

But faith when placed in God and kept in God never fails. It always leads to life. that color of faith means that while I now may die upon the  return of Jesus I will live.

After placing our faith in God that He will give unto us life we must repent and turn away from our sins.

Then accepting God’s grace we must ever on a continual bases walk in this grace and acceptance of His will. this will bring peace to your life. The kind of peace that the world knows not nor do they understand.

Faith acceptance and then peace truly come but by one way. This is the way.

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