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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 56

Hear O modern Israel you who call yourselves followers of me, I your Lord am one .

You need to be loving me with all that your body can put out.

You need to be searching for me as if you were starving to death and you were having a major hunt for the food needed to help you to live.

Be careful however. Make sure you do all I command you to do. Do not  do as the Jewish Nation did and add requirements unto the people that I never intended to be there. Also make sure that you do not reduce what I say to do into something that I really do not mean for you to do it.

Keep all ten of My commandments for in so doing you will receive the wisdom and understanding you need to live godly lives before the nations.

Teach your children and grand children that they need to be careful to do likewise.

Always remember that in your keeping My commandments are for you to maintain the best walk with Me.

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