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Receive The Peace That Is In Jesus Part 7 The Test of Discipleship

There is not a person alive or that ever has lived that have not had troubles encroach into their life. The encroachment of hardships are so great upon some that it completely buries and overcomes them and makes them so that they cannot function.

Most people go about life as if there is not a thing to be concerned about. All is right with the world and all is right with them.

If there is anything that ruffles their feathers it is only a bump in the road thing. Something that last just for a moment in time then passes them by.

They are just too busy in the things that pertain to this world to be in those moments that bring those bumps in the road worried about anything but what they can make of themselves as far as this world goes. They are all too busy to assure themselves that they are laying for themselves a proper foundation in spiritual matters.

But there is a big storm a coming. A really huge one. One that will involve everyone alive on earth, all at the same time.

How will we ever be able to pass through this storm and make it to the other side?

If we are ever to lay a solid foundation we must first come to the foot of the cross.

But once there we must remember that if we choose Jesus there will be a test of discipleship to be had.

being obedient to that test will carry us through to where we side by side with Jesus find peacefulness and rest for ourselves.

Disobedience means a the test failed and a life deserted, void of breath.

the test we all must face is the test of discipleship for Jesus our creator. I pray that we all choose wisely.


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