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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 57 Listen to the trumpet and turn from our wicked ways

Jesus is now making a sound on the trumpet that none of us can afford not to listen to.

Jesus has given to us all the 2nd commandment but how many of us even consider it when it comes to our daily lives. We are too busy piling heaps of money for our old age. Or were too busy making entertainment the top part of our life. These are just two of the many ways we get too busy to listen to the trumpet God is sounding. But only the person who heeds the warning shall be saved.

Unless we listen to the trumpet and turn our backs from those sins we seem to love we will be forever lost. Once Jesus returns though many think there is there is no second chance to turn around. there is no more warning trumpet being sounded.

Now is the one and only allotted time  we have to work with Jesus to get sin and rebellion out of our life. Will we not listen to the trumpet and turn from our wicked ways?

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