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Liberty Or Death: which Part 58 It’s all about Jesus folks

It’s all about Jesus folks. We like to believe that it’s all about me, myself, and I. Sorry to burst your bubble my friends but it’s not.

Our hope is in Jesus and what He wants to do for us. But remember here folks the key is upon Jesus not upon us. We may not see Jesus face to face but when we see Him there is no more hope, only the fulfillment of the hope we had. Thus we are able to see that it’s all about Jesus.

We are comfortable in our lifestyles; so much so we refuse any change. we even make excuses as to why it is impossible for even Jesus to make the needed change in our lives. But folks be careful. it’s like I said. It’s all about Jesus and what He can and what He will do for us if we put ourselves on His side.

Jesus has called us to live changed lives so that those He wants to reach will be able to see by our lives that He is more than able to change their lives also.

What message are we sending to the world? Is id do as I say not as I do? How are people to see that in Jesus lies the power they need and long for if we are too interested in the world and what it holds out for us what we reject the working power of Jesus in our life?

It’s all about Jesus folks and what He can and is willing to do for us. It is not about how weak we are and unable to obey Him. There is power in His blood and with all that He has done and is willing to do our weakness is not because the lack of any power in Jesus.

Our inability to live holy lives lies only in our unwillingness to change.

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