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Receive The Peace That Is In Jesus Part 8 Growing into a Christ-like Character

Christ came to the fig tree hungry and expecting to find fruit. When it wasn’t there he cursed the tree and it withered away.

Many read these verses and not understanding it condemn Jesus as being unfit to be anyone’s God. They feel that it just goes to show us a vindictive God who demands from us or else he would destroy us with pleasure.


Reading they hear not, seeing they see not. They refuse to see anything in these verses except the meanness of God.

However for those who have ears to hear with and eyes to see with and feel that they need God’s help to understand God gives help.

Upon meeting Jesus at the cross and repenting of there sins Jesus expects them to grow in grace.

When we first come to Jesus at the cross we are little babes in God’s arms. But just like a baby who does not grow if we as Christians do not grow we are sick. It is growing in grace that we receive the power and the knowledge to be like Jesus. As we cease to grow the decaying process begins and continues until we die,¬†unsaved.

Choose ye this day to live for God for why will ye die.

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