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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 59 We are in the calm but the Storm is about to come

This world today is going about and shutting down any thought that does not match theirs.

Especially if  a Christian belief  condemns the  way they choose to live are they trying to shut them down.

they expect all to play follow the leader with them only as the leaders. the biggest trouble lies in the fact that as they become more successful  in doing this they just lead all who bow the knee to them into Judgment and death.

They cover up their sins by claiming the love of Jesus and His death, but they continue walking in a way that goes against God and His laws.

they go out to meet you calling themselves good Christians but their purpose is to get you to deny scripture in favor of their interpretation of them.

they make of themselves unclean Sadducees and Pharisees and like them turning themselves into hypocrites.

They are dry bones filled with all manner of evil doings. That may be find and dandy if that’s what they choose for themselves. It is one thing for them to choose sin and the death that follows. But for them to force upon others their vile ways so that they also become dry bones is a stench in God’s nostrils.  Yet they go about placing themselves in leadership positions inside the church where they can teach all to turn their backs upon bible doctrine.

We are in the calm but the storm is coming.

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