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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 60 What it takes to bring honor to God


To them who choose to be Christians in this world as it now stands they have a fight of their lives.

Godliness with contentment for what we have be allowed to have has always been God’s plan.

the pursuit of God and His righteousness should have always been our number one purpose in life.

In this manner and only in this manner are we able will we be able to hold Jesus up to the honor due Him.

However a Christian is coming under so much pressure to count Jesus as not worthy of following with no holds bared. We are being forced to hold back on some of God’s word and to replace it with man’s thinking.

also while we ever need to give our God honor at all points so as we are not blaspheming His Holy Name

We must never lose sight of what it means to bring honor to our Savior.

Noah had to stand alone and remain firm. He could not turn to the left nor to the right. As much as the world persisted that he had to be seeing things wrong he had to go to the end placing his trust in God’s word.

Noah had to face a world who thought he to be a kook. Everyone around him but a very few claimed him to be teaching error as the word of God. We now today will have to go through just what he went through. Will we remain faithful like he did?

This is what it takes to bring honor to God.

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