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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 62 The judgment is here at our door

Fellow followers of Christ our Lord we need to wake up. God’s judgment is upon this world now. With the judgment at our door we lie here fast asleep. Shame on us. sinners are passing us by without being given the warning or they are being given the wrong message which in either case keeps them on the pathway that leads to destruction.

But they if we wake not up will not be the only ones found walking their way into destruction. Jesus warns us that if we are not faithful watchmen giving people warning their blood will fall upon us. He will not hold us guiltless when we refuse to do what He requires of us.

However when we stand in the gap where God wants us to be and with our lives warn people we will have faithfully delivered ourselves into the hands of God.

Then it will be able to be said of us God knows you.

The judgment is here at our door will we be found faithful or unfaithful?

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