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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 63 Jesus needs a people He can call pure

Jesus needs

and women  whom He can call pure. They need to be people

He wants them to live above the storms of this life. this means not only to be living above the things this life throws at us naturally but also the things mankind in its sin demand of us.

the heartbreaking fact is however too many of us long to be closer to those of the world, so as we look more like them. we give the excuse that if we are too different from them we will never be able to help them. But I ask: If they see themselves in us how much more does Jesus see the world in us?

Thus Jesus screams out to us.

He see in us people who obey worldliness. So how can He call us by His name?

You can not be called pure just because we call ourselves followers of Jesus. Only proper living in Jesus’ ways will Jesus be able to call us pure as well as His people.


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