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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 64

What does the law and speaking  what is in our hearts have to do with being a Christian?

I am the Lord your creator. Do not have anything in earth or in Heaven take my place. yet we Clive to alcohol, think killing ourselves with all the vile things that come out of the things we smoke, replace biblical creation with evolution, worship other gods like money, sex, work, and such. And with all this we want to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil of the things we say and do.

We say because it is what we truly believe in our heart that if I do not overcome all this I will be lost for all eternity.

these words all flow so freely out of our mouths only because they are pouring out of a heart full of belief.

yet in the heart of our hearts we do not truly believe that God in His law expects all this change of us. And if we do while we claim that there is power in the blood and the bible says that we can do all things through Christ who gives us the power to do so we refuse to take hold of that power.

Our mouths now start to speak of what lies deep within our hearts. I can’t change. Jesus can’t make that change in me till He comes back to take me home; then somehow He can miraculously make all those changes that He has no power to do now.

It is thus that Jesus says to these weak followers, why do you call yourselves by my name? You are using My name in vain. You verbally say that I am having an effect on your lives but when push comes to shove what you really think in your hearts comes out. And what comes out is not what I have said in My word.


O will you not study My word with a more open heart. A heart that is determined to obey My voice. I may be dealing with you now in a way that does not cause you  to have to pay for your evil ways but it will not always be so.

Please let your hearts and your voice coincide with one another.

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