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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 66 The Sabbath-day

Back in the beginnings of this earth’s time God created Adam, Eve, the plants and animals, the waters and all the life they contain.

The Ten Commandments  He placed at the center of their obedience test.

You question this you say.  Stop and ponder John and  Paul for awhile.

They said

Therefore when Adam and Eve ate of the tree that Jesus forbade them to eat of they broke the Ten Commandments or else they would not have sinned. The question is which one of the

was broken?

The 1st one says: I am the Lord thy God thou shalt put nothing before me.= Broken they put what Satan said to them as well as the fruit of that tree before God.

the 2nd commandment says: Thou shall not worship other Gods.= Broken. Do you begin to get the picture?

3rd broken, it was a misuse of Jesus’ name to call Him Lord while they were rebelling against Him in favor of following Satan.

All the others were broken also. the fruit was not theirs to take= stealing.

They did not honor Jesus their father.

They murdered their relationship with Jesus all over a piece of fruit.

They coveted something that was not theirs to have.

In all this God gave earthlings the Sabbath-day.  There were no Jews then nor were there any Gentiles. Just mankind, His creation. Thus did Jesus  give the 7th-day Sabbath for all mankind to keep holy. The bible once again proves Christians teach and practice error.

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