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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 68: In God and in His Word

Is God asleep at the wheel? Did Jesus give us the 4th Commandment Sabbath at the end of Creation week then rested from taking care of us from then on?

By the way Satan is gaining control one would think so. But a closer look into God’s Holy Word shows us that no matter what it seems to be we will find Him underneath it all keeping Satan in check. it may look as if the word of God is dying however,

Satan works on unbelieving people, both those who just openly reject the bible and those who only half heartedly believe the bible, to reject it as a bunch of myths. It is verily easy for Satan to get these people under his wings. They have never put any firm faith in the power of Jesus and His word. Thus he goes about helping these people to fine tone their blinders.

He has been so successful it seems that he has around forty percent of those professing Christians contradicting the bible by denouncing Satan’s very existence.

But Satan doesn’t stop there. Satan is not satisfied unless He can destroy faith in God in all human beings. However it’s harder to get a person who has placed full faith in God and in His word. That does not stop him from trying however. Satan will use the Education System. He will use the entertainment system with things such as Hollywood, Disney, and Universal leading the way. Amusement Parks such as Fun World and Dolly World are included in Satan’s work of getting Christians to turn their backs upon their faith. After all there is nothing wrong with a little fun is there? And if it’s on God’s Holy Sabbath well God surly can’t expect you to get no enjoyment on His day can He? Satan even uses friends and love ones to draw people away from bible truths. Sunday keeping was okay with my Father and His Father why should God expect me to keep Saturday. Are my going to hell just because they kept Sunday instead of Saturday? Thus Satan uses family and friends to turn people away from an honest hearted service to God.

There needs to be a deeper fellowship and faith in God and in His word. Just because God has over looked something in the past does not make it so that He does not expect change in the future. marriage is a prime example. King David and King Solomon both had many wives and were accepted by God. Jesus took His people back to Eden   and showed that He wanted it to be but one man and one woman. Thus it is with Sunday verses Sabbath. What was accepted in the past needs to have change now. Remember as in marriage the day of worship now becomes a matter following Him and His word with a heart of willing obedience.

It is only because we are asleep at the wheel that God seems to be asleep. Let us wake up and suddenly we will be able to see all God is doing for us. We will also be able to see His ability to do far more.

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