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Receive The Peace That Is In Jesus Part 5 Peace That Comes by Consecrating One’s Life to God


Have you ever had a day that seemed so peace and calm that it just put you at rest with the world? But how fleeting are those moments? They soon pass us by and once again we are in the rat race that fills our lives such tension and unrest that we have no time to think.

Sin and it’s results has placed upon this earth and it’s inhabitants such a strain that it has become too hared to even make a living never mind taking the time to find rest for the soul.

The world says however, that we really do need some time at rest. They say all work and no play makes us dull people and we just cannot have dull people roaming  this earth and maybe causing trouble. So this world has provided plenty of entertainment to keep us occupied. They also provide us with some physical relief.

However, mankind cannot provide for our greater need. While we may not be aware of the need there still lies deep within us an essential need to have a relationship with our maker.

Only God can help with that part of our life. It seems outrageous to us that such a supreme God should reach so low as to reach us in our murkiness of sin.

But he has. God has given us his grace, that is Jesus the Christ, and his truth, found in the bible.

While you naturally take care of your physical needs do you want to also take care of the needs of your inner being. You will find the peace you need in Jesus the Lord.

Come to him right now and you will find peace for your soul. This kind of peace will come only when you consecrate your life to God.

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