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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 69

Lucifer was once a brilliant angel in heaven. He was an angel who bore the light of Jesus’ love to the entire universe. But while he labored in such closeness whit the Godhead a jealousy found room in his heart. Just that little bit of Jealousy in his heart grew till he became an enemy of the one whom he served so well down through the ages.

Since Jesus now is his a number one enemy he will do anything and everything he can to claim Jesus as our enemy. Thus he has many people unaware of what he is doing following his every whim. He has been so successful in building his character into our very fiber that much of what we do and say does not have to be instigated by him or his partners in this work and who also were angels in heaven at one time.

If only we had remembered to remember Jesus’ day and not have transplanted a day of our own choosing in its stead. Satan would not now have such great sway in the church had we at all times Kept the law of God.

It is our rebellion against Jesus’ Sabbath and our stead fast refusal to hold it up in honor that allows Satan to have such free reign in our hearts. Remember we if we do not place Jesus on the throne as leader in what we shall do and say then Satan will automatically step in even without permission and sit there.

Thus in what we choose to do and say we worship Satan rather than God.

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