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Liberty or Death: Which Part 80

Christians know that they are of God as well as belong to God when they allow the Holy Spirit  to enable them to get rid of their rebellion and to keep all ten of the commandments.

Wickedness is corruption or having one’s character altered. in our defaced condition we seek to worship a God we do not know. And because our once pure character is mutilated  we set up a marred service for us to honor the  God that we think in our rebellion we are serving. Is it any wonder Paul says that we all sin, break God’s law, and continue to break it.

God accepts our service for it’s motivation. If this were not so then none of us would ever see heaven. However what we do in our blindness God says in His word He does not count as sin. But once His expectations are laid before us and we continue in our corruption then sin lies at the door of our heart.

The day Jesus made, the Sabbath, is thus so. People have kept Sunday for centuries and in their blindness God counted them faithful. But to us whom God in His love for us makes known His Holy  Sabbath day how can we turn our backs on it and be counted as a people of faith.  To us the keeping of Sunday is by God counted as rebellion, sin. No amount of my parents kept it and if it were okay for them its okay for me will hold water in God’s sinless eyes.

We have choice to make. Either we by faith walk in obedience to God’s will as expressed in Sabbath keeping or we continue to, like the world keep walking in our wickedness and follow our will into Judgment.


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