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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 71


What is the reason That God anoints people and just who will he anoint?

Some people think this way. Just before Jesus returns He will pour out His anointing on all Christians. Therefore since in am a Christian He will anoint me with His power. Therefore do not bother me with this or with that expecting me to change. Jesus sees me as find just the way I am.

That’s not the way it works my fellow Christian. Only God’s true people are anointed. And who is it that gets to decide weather or not we are children of God? Is it you? Is it I? Is it the Pope? Maybe its the leader of the Protestant Churches. Then there’s The Governments. It can be left up to them just what your religion is and weather or not you are worthy of salvation.

No it is none of the above. Jesus and His word is who gets to be the deciding factor. And He has already made that answer quite clear. In the book of Revelation it is stated here is the patience of the saints of God. Here are the ones who keep My commandments. Between these two verses lies the answer. God’s people are the ones who keep all of God’s commandments; not just the ones they choose to keep while they reject the ones that they find too inconvenient.

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