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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 72 Jesus’ Sabbath or man’s Sabbath the 64 thousand dollar question

Jesus on the Seventh-day of creation week set apart the day for all of mankind, this includes us, to restore and refresh our lives. He gave us the first six days that we might fill our lives with useful work. That work was ever to remain a joy to us.  So that this joy might ever remain the joy He meant it to be He set the Seventh day, not the first day apart. Jesus claimed the Seventh day, not the first day as His special day; a day to rejuvenate our hearts and minds and forever reset them so that they were in tune with Him.

But today there is a debate going on in the Christian world. Some bible Christians say that if we are to be a bible based people then we must let the bible be our guide and keep the day that God made holy.

Other Christians swear that we can lay the bible aside and keep a day of their own choosing and God must and will accept it as proper worship and honor to Him. Man train of thought is that they cant bless the day by their commemorating it to God; but forbid that they should have to keep the day Jesus Himself blessed for that same use.

All people who claim that they are Christians need to take deeper thought than ever they have before taken thus far. We need a seriousness about use that thus far has not been since the days of the Reformation.

 Where are we focusing our minds and hearts? Where should our focus be?

Jesus’ Sabbath or man’s Sabbath that is the 64 thousand dollar question.

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