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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 73 The Sabbath is to be a blessing to us all

God’s Blessed Sabbath-day was given to all mankind at creation and was meant to be a blessing to us all. Many believe with an honest heart that the Sabbath was given to the Jews on Mt Sini and was just to be for them. However, there was nere a Jew at that time.


Therefore the command given by Jesus could never be construed  to be a command just for the Jews. It was given to the Jewish Nation only because like the rest of us in this world had forgotten. therefore Jesus started His command, remember.

Now Jesus wants all mankind to remember that

And He sent to us great men that while not in the Bible will at time to time help us to remember this fact.

Jesus is now say to us, hoping to reach our hearts,

My personal pleasure, it looks so sparkly to us.

Obedience to the way that the bible says that God wants us to be seems so plain Jane.

Why couldn’t God’s way be so much more joyful looking than what the world offers.

Maybe its because God wants us to obey Him simply because we love Him; not because He offers us a world of lustful pleasures.

Satan on the other hand is more than willing to make sure that we enjoy a life of pleasure if that is what it takes to close our hearts to a life filled with the love of God.

But as we turn our backs on these worldly lustful pleasures  and obey our Savior’s voice we will find that keeping His simple commands fill our hearts with a joy that these worldly pleasures have no hope of ever reaching.

Once we allow Jesus to build in our lives a love for Him and His Sabbath we will be enabled to receive the true Sabbath blessing.

Then by faith we will

without being a legalist.

The Sabbath was meant to be and is to be a blessing to all; not just the Jews.

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