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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 74 Come Home Come Home

Work rest work rest work rest: besides eating it seems that for most of us that is all we ever do. Our lives become this dull hum drum mess. We often weary of what seems to be to us a meaningless existence; some to the point of committing suicide.

We just want to take a break from it all. Yet with all that is going on in our life it seems that we cannot find the time nor the area in which we might pull apart and just rest and relax till we feel refreshed.

Many of us are just about ready to

as if it were.

But we need not lose hope.

On the 7th-day Jesus himself set up the Sabbath-day where by we might put aside all our daily chores and our seeking of pleasure so that there would be a full day spent in seeking and doing the will of our Maker.

There is a principle to keeping the Sabbath that if followed would give us a weekly rest that would help make the rest of our life more bearable.  this principle does not include us choosing any day of our choice for the seventh-day however. The minute we do that we are breaking the Sabbath principle. I understand that there are many who whole heartedly believe that they can transfer the sublimity of Sabbath to Sunday. How ever Jesus is the one who made and set up the Sabbath-day. He tells us that He is Lord of that day, Luke 6:5.

The son of man is none other than Jesus. Jesus is our creator. He set it up and he is the one as such who gets to  make the decision as to what day is the Sabbath, , his special day. When we of our selves choose Sunday over Saturday we make the human creation; the creation is then telling the creator how things will be done.

Is that not breaking the Sabbath principle? Jesus set up a day whereby we the creation go to him for rest, understanding, and strength. We now have replaced it with our own day; whereby Jesus is to come and meet us where we are; not us go to meet him where he is.

We weekly set ourselves up as greater gods than the God who created us. Is this where we want to be?

God is now calling. Calling for you and for me. He is saying come home to me.

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