Obedience to God and His word · Putting God's way above our own · Sin's seperation · Turning to Jesus · Walking in sin's ways · walking where Jesus leads · Who will be forgiven · Will Ye Die

Liberty Or Death : Which Part 76

God is through Jesus our Lord and Savior reconciling every man, woman, and child that will let him do his work in them to Himself.

Once they turn their hearts and their lives over to Jesus and give him full control it is like they experience a new birth. Along with this new birth comes the desire to not sin against their maker. They long yes even crave to do the entire will of Geo because they love him and their new found faith in him trust that what he wants them to do is the absolute best way for them to live.

But if Jesus is at all to be successful in filling this new life with the love of God we must now be willing to die daily to self and to the world and the pleasures it holds out for us to enjoy.

there is no greater joy to be had in this languishing world than to see a person to be participating in aiding Jesus in his work of purifying their life. Our old sin-filled lives must pass away while at the same time our new life must grow in the grace and in the works of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When we allow Jesus to do so he will rid us of our old ugly sin- filled raged tied lives and turn them into something beautiful.

In a little while Jesus is about to come back and take all those who have allowed him to do his work in them back to heaven to be forever with him. Then after sentence of all who refused to turn control over to him is carried out he will complete his work for his people. Then all creation will be a living beauty.

While I am sad for those who live out their lives without knowing Jesus as their Maker, their Lord, and their Savior, I cannot wait for his return.

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